Roger Wolkoff

Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Leadership Expert

Roger WolkoffRoger Wolkoff helps organizations create authentic experiences for their clients while building trust, improving communications while building teams and leaders. Does your leadership or organization need help communicating and learning how to develop or increase trust? Let’s have real conversations about real conversations. Let’s engage and learn how to develop trust quickly and how to maintain it. Let’s talk about you and your self-belief, your needs — and your wants.

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End on a Positive Note

Do you have a natural gift to start a conversation? Many of us in the hospitality and customer service world are quite adept at it. Think about this for a moment. How good are you at ending conversat.

Up Closer and More Personal

I walk into the newest branch of my credit union, and I am immediately drawn to the design. Lots of open space, thick wood beams surrounded by steel, and lots of light thanks to the plethora of glass.

ABC(3): Above and Beyond Plus 3 Cs to Deliver!

I'm guessing you've heard the phrase "above and beyond" before, especially when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service and care to your clients. But I'll wager that you haven't heard how you can use the ABC(3) model of customer service to deliver on "above and beyond.

Great Teams Deliver

You walk into the nearly completed grand ballroom. In one corner, you see a massive stack of yellow and orange pillows for the new guest rooms. Next to the pillows are the sleek glass and steel work desks you selected for the business center.

The “No Problem” Problem

I walk into the hotel, wheeling my luggage and briefcase behind me. I am taken aback by the spacious and open modern lobby. I approach the front desk, and Carlos greets me with a smile. We have a friendly exchange - how are you doing, did you have a good flight, how do you like our city - that kind of thing.

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