Manav Thadani

Founder Chairman

Manav Thadani

Manav is the Founder and Chairman of Hotelivate, a new-age, innovative and curated consulting firm spread across South Asia and South-East Asia. Led by a team of consultants with over 250 years of collective experience, Hotelivate is the hospitality sector’s first comprehensive consulting firm. Manav also runs five conferences in the Asia Pacific region, namely, Hotel Investment Conference - South Asia (HICSA); Hotel Operations Summit India (HOSI); Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference (THINC) Indonesia; THINC Sri Lanka; and THINC Innovate, Bangkok.

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Coronavirus Impacts Hospitality Across Asia

The hospitality industry, much like other affiliated businesses (airline and cruises), is generally the first to get impacted by any global catastrophe and the last to recover. We have seen this time and again - be it natural or man-made disasters, trade wars, economic recessions, health emergencies, or travel advisories by the political class across the globe who use them as an effective tool in convincing their own public that they have acted responsibly and done their job.

India State Ranking Survey – 2019

The India State Ranking Survey by Hotelivate in association with the World Travel and Tourism Council - India Initiative (WTTC - II), is a biennial publication that assesses the relative competitiveness of the nation's 30 states in terms of Travel & Tourism potential across 12 identified parameters.

The Hotel Volatility Index 2019

The Hotel Volatility Index (HVI), now in its third year is released as part of Hotelivate 2019 Indian Hospitality Trends and Opportunities Report. The HVI tracks the performance of 80 well-established, stabilized hotels - 60 urban and 20 leisure properties - across positioning that have been operational since 2011 or earlier in the country.

Hotel Management Contracts in India: The Game is Changing

Change is inevitable, and more so in an industry as dynamic as hospitality. Market performance, lending environment, number of players, owner and operator objectives, costs and margins, and customer profile are all changing almost constantly, and so are hotel management contracts that have evolved remarkably in India in the past decade.

How Can India Increase its Share of Inbound Leisure?

India received over 10 million international tourists (excl. NRIs) in 2017, but how in association with CAPA India many of them travelled for leisure? Based on an in-depth research and analysis by CAPA, it turns out that only 2.
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