Kevin King

Chief Operating Officer at Shiji

Kevin King

Mr. Kevin King serves as Chief Operating Officer of the Shiji Group. Prior to joining Shiji, Mr. King worked with a leading Hospitality technology solution provider for over 17 years in various operational and business management roles, including the business and technical development of global payment solutions.

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What’s Next for the Future of Hotel Property Management Systems

Hotel technology systems have come a long way in recent years due to the rise of various innovations like the cloud, the adoption of open APIs, and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to everyday business operations.

HITEC TV: Kevin King – COO of Shiji Group Discusses How Openness is the Future of Tech Adoption

Kevin King has been in the hotel technology industry for quite some time and fully understands that the sincerity of leadership is paramount, and this includes the fact that hotel tech companies need to be able to deliver on their product promise.

Hotel Tech Evolution l HN World panel Live hosted by

Hotel Technology During Crises, Does it innovate?Last year released an infographic that highlighted the last 100 years of hotel technology in our series "The History of Hotel & Travel Technology". Interview with Kevin King - COO, Shiji Group

Kevin King, Chief Operating Officer at Shiji Group speaks with André Baljeu, Founder at and shares exclusive insights about his very own background, his career highs and lows, what sets Shiji Group apart and much more.

Shiji Group’s Decade of Transformation and Growth

In the past ten years, Shiji Group has undergone a period of significant growth and expansion, transitioning from a China-based network system supply company, to a truly global conglomerate pushing the boundaries of hospitality technology.
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