Matthew Brown

Sr Digital Marketing Strategist at TeamSupport

Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown is a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at TeamSupport. with over 10 years of experience in the B2B industry, Matthew is a thought leader in digital marketing strategies with multiple areas of expertise including market research, technology marketing, and content marketing strategy and execution.. He has a BS in Sociology and Statistics from the University of Minnesota.

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The Future of Emotion Recognition Technology in Customer Support

Can you truly tell how a customer feels about your business? There are many different tactics that attempt to acquire this information, such as customer reviews and NPS (net promoter score), which may or may not provide an accurate assessment of overall satisfaction.

Why Sentiment Analysis Matters in B2B Customer Service

Sometimes how a customer speaks to you is just as important as what is being said. A compact label for this type of refined communication is customer sentiment. As more customer service software solutions are placing an emphasis on sentiment, it should come as no surprise that companies are looking to leverage this "hidden code" in communication to work smarter and more efficiently.

5 Strategies for Managing Customer Expectations

A company's ability to provide excellent business-to-business customer support can only go as far as its ability to manage - and ultimately exceed - the expectations of its clients. The worst thing a business can do is tell a customer his or her problem will be resolved one way and then offer a contradictory solution or timeline instead.

Choosing the Best Help Desk Software for Your Business

Far too often, companies are forced into a solution that doesn't meet the needs of their business. You don't want to use an exhaustive enterprise tax software for your individual filing, nor does a corporate audit business want to be forced into using software focused on personal finance.