Laura Tubbs

VP of Marketing at TeamSupport, LLC

Laura Tubbs

Laura Tubbs is VP of Marketing at TeamSupport LLC. A proven marketing and communications leader, Laura's expertise spans a wide variety of functions including marketing strategy, digital advertising, and demand generation in the B2B realm. Her true passion lies in customer service and success with a focus on the B2B software & technology industry. Prior to joining the team at TeamSupport, Laura held multiple positions in marketing and sales support, including managing marketing and CRM for a global manufacturing company where she was responsible for developing and implementing the company's traditional and online marketing strategies throughout North and South America. Laura has a B.Comm in Marketing from Ryerson University in Toronto.

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The 5 Most Important Metrics for Customer Success

With more companies creating and expanding their customer success teams than ever before, it's critical that leadership focuses on the right metrics to accurately gauge their work. Remember, customer success is much more than just an extension of customer support, so typical metrics like average ticket close time are not an effective way to measure the team's contribution to your company.

How to Build Positive Relationships with B2B Customers

Too often, businesses don't place enough value on building positive relationships with their customers. The term itself, "positive relationship", is a bit generic and isn't exactly easy to quantify. This means it's often a factor many businesses ignore and takes on a lower priority over time.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Support

We live in an era where technology is advancing so quickly that it's hard to keep up. Think back to ten or even twenty years ago when you needed to get to a business meeting. You had to print out your plane ticket, rental car information, and sometimes even directions on where you needed to go.

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The Importance of Customer Success for SaaS Companies

One of the unique ways a SaaS company operates is that they exist in a constantly changing environment. New software versions are being pushed live, with innovative features rolling out the door on a regular basis.