Aymeric Erulin

Multi-Property Revenue Manager

Aymeric  ErulinAymeric is a graduate from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne currently working in Revenue Management in Zürich, Switzerland. Technology and innovation enthusiast, he focuses on the unavoidable means required to bring organizations and working methods to their most efficient and up-to-date form.
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Has forecasting become a lost art?

It is very important for hotels to maintain a detailed forecast for both the short term (more frequent) and longer-term (outside 3 months). If your property has an automated system that provides demand information, it will likely only be reliable for the short term.

Forecasting and adapting to the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

All revenue managers around Europe have been in the past days working on their new forecast for the coming month. How, with so little data and the speed at which groups and transient cancelled, can they make an accurate guess of what the month of March and April are going to look like? For sure having a forecast accuracy of 2% will be hardly doable for those months, but they can come up with a maximum-achievable revenue and more importantly focus on long-term actions.

Experience Feedback – Adopting An Automated Revenue Management System

More and more automated RMS are available on the market. Each of them presents different qualities, specificities, strengths, and weaknesses. But apart from those technicalities, the biggest challenge for the decision maker or user is to buy an expensive solution that will make him lose direct control over his revenue management strategy.

Is Rate Parity Good Or Bad For Hoteliers?

I am a firm believer that rate parity for publicly available rates benefits hoteliers in the current “one-to-many” revenue management practices in hospitality, in which hoteliers come with pricing tiers for different categories of guests: corporate transient managed, corporate transient unmanaged, corporate group, SMERF, leisure transient, weekend, etc.

Is OYO Hotels the next WeWork of the hospitality industry?

Despite the many questions about its operating procedures and even its added value, OYO is challenging the stagnant thinking that has characterized hotel chains for nearly a generation.
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