Dori Stein

CEO at Fornova

Dori SteinDori Stein is an entrepreneur at heart. He thrives on building innovative organizations that apply leading-edge technologies to solve real world problems in new and exciting ways. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Fornova, a company that is in pursuit of applying its patented visual web-scanning technologies to solve the challenges in hotel distribution. True to his Israeli roots, a country that has been dubbed the 'Startup Nation', Mr. Stein embraces the startups-world wholeheartedly. He began his first foray into the world of startups with SMBS, a venture that delivered an eCommerce solution to the diamond industry. The company was successfully sold in 2009. Mr. Stein then moved on to bootstrap GoldenFeeds, another eCommerce technology startup, only this time it was solving the problems and creating new opportunities for the retail industry. His journey with GoldenFeeds eventually led him to encounter the challenges in the world of Hotel Distribution. Mr. Stein can be contacted at 44-20-7952-2365 or [email protected]
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