Dori Stein

Chief Executive Officer, Fornova

Dori SteinDori Stein is a serial entrepreneur, with over 17 years of experience in launching, funding and managing successful technology companies. He has a proven track record in sales, international business development, and management. Dori’s first company, SMBS, which he founded, managed and subsequently sold, is the leader in e-Commerce applications for the global diamond industry. Dori is one of the founders of Fornova. Having initially joined to oversee sales and business development, he later took on the CEO role and has led all funding rounds since.
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The travel and hospitality industry has shown its mettle during 2020 - rising to the challenges that Covid-19 has thrown at it and doing everything it can to survive. It's not been without its casualties.

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The imminent IPO of Airbnb can be seen as both a threat and an opportunity for the hospitality industry. The prospect of its continued expansion is a timely warning to hotels that there's no room for complacency when it comes to monitoring all competitors and responding to threats.

How big of a threat to the hospitality industry is Airbnb’s upcoming IPO?

Welcome to 2020. Airbnb is part of the hospitality industry already. Get over it. I hope IPO cash might help them ease Expedia and Booking's oligopolistic power. I hope IPO cash might have them boost a faster global return to travel.

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Now that we’re all back at work, attention is turning to the year ahead. I thought I would share my predictions for the main trends that will influence hotel chains’ success in 2020. If you have any .

Hotel Distribution: Stop Predicting, Start Diagnosing

There is a fine line that separates guesswork and prediction - the quality of data and analysis. The hospitality sector is not unique in exploring for ways to take advantage of the opportunities in data-driven approaches to boost revenue and profit.