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Holly Welles


My name is Holly, and I’m the writer behind The Estate Update. I grew up in Upstate New York, the home of affordable real estate. And farms. And snow. I was exposed to home improvement at an early age as I helped my single mom tackle every homeowner disaster that the universe could throw at us — I’m talking a flooded basement, the previous owner’s hideous wallpaper job, and replacing a door that my sister once tackled her boyfriend through. My mom did an impressive job keeping a house of crazy kids under control! As the eldest, I got a crash course in the importance of resourcefulness.

Since then, I’ve graduated with a dual BA in economics and English and have been mixing my interest in markets with my love for writing in really fun ways. I also began to see how my friends were moving across the country, figuring out tiny living spaces, and uncertainly buying their own homes. Everyone was in completely different living stages, but I felt like there was one common theme: we have no real idea what we’re doing. That’s how the idea for this blog was born! Sure, I may be young, but as my generation begins relocating, putting down payments on their first houses, and learning home improvement lessons the hard way, I want to be a resource to help us all make the most out of our homes. There’s a lot of information to be learned, and as my mom would tell you, it’s best to have a helping hand through it all. When I’m not writing, you can find me channeling my inner grandma by knitting up scarves and testing out new baking recipes.

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