Raj Singh

CEO at Go Moment

Raj SinghProduct design expert Raj Singh is CEO at Go Moment®, a Google-backed company dedicated to making customer service instant. Go Moment's award-winning smartconcierge Ivy®, as seen on NBC, is the world's largest guest engagement automation platform for hotels. Singh brings cross-discipline design, technology, and marketing experience from hundreds of large-scale technology projects for leading brands like Virgin, Lady Gaga, and HEB Grocery Company. Blending his deep expertise in UX and market research, Singh works alongside leaders in hospitality to address the industry's needs in using next-generation technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and labor automation. In partnership with IBM Watson, Go Moment's Ivy platform, which utilizes text or voice messaging and leverages human expertise and automation to resolve requests instantly, is currently available to millions of hotel guests. Singh’s select speaking engagements and panels include: • HEDNA Innov8 • Oi Summit • BLLA Stay Boutique Live • HITEC • Phocuswright Conference • CWT VIP Summit • Plug and Play Ventures • Hotel Interactive BITAC • IBM Insight
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How to Answer Your Guest’s Questions Before They’re Asked: Surprise and Delight

From personal referrals to online reviews and hotel website recommendations, hotel guests have many expectations of their stay well before arrival. From the time they step foot in the lobby, they are assessing whether the hotel meets these expectations, and envisioning how their stay might unfold.

Behind the Scenes of Hotel Review Sites: Four Things Hotels Can do to Improve their Ratings

Before booking their next stay, today's traveler simply refers to their choice of hotel review sites to skim through a handful of reviews and real-life traveler photos. Travelers of all ages now routinely rely on the fast-evolving User Generated Content (UGC) model as one of the key drivers in their peer-driven decision making process.

Don’t Settle: The Price You Pay When You Choose the Wrong Guest Engagement Texting Platform

Nordstrom was among the first clothing retailers to use texting to communicate with consumers in an effort to meld their online and physical experience. Not only can Nordstrom customers make purchases via text, but they can also reach sales associates directly without placing a call or waiting on hold.

How Smartconcierges Can Make Every Guest Moment Matter and Improve the Guest Journey

Today, brands are essentially collections of experiences. We're in an era where people remember moments and experiences, not ads or logos. In this age where "CX is the new UX," there are six common objectives in the digital transformation of travel's customer experience that hotels need to consider as part of their strategy to build their brands through personal interaction.

Surprising Ways Hotels Lose Repeat Business

For nearly a half-decade now, the hotel industry has buzzed about "authentic guest experiences." It was its reaction to the growing success of Airbnb and its ability to deliver upon the theme of "Belong Anywhere," where travelers who wanted to be insiders could engage with people and culture.
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