Achin Khanna

Managing Partner at Hotelivate

Achin  Khanna

Achin Khanna, Managing Partner at Hotelivate heads the firm’s Strategic Advisory practice. His experience in the consulting field encompasses economic feasibility analyses, asset & large portfolio valuations, operator searches & management contract negotiations, master planning & strategic consulting assignments, both in India and internationally.

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COVID-19 & Its Impact On The Indian Hotel Industry

As COVID-19 continues to unfold, industries, sectors and organizations everywhere are making feverish attempts to find ways and means to handle the challenges that stare us all in the face. While it is evident that no single enterprise can remain immune to the bleeding, some industries have the unfortunate disadvantage of being bruised in the jugular.

How to Create Hotels that Are Profitable?

As a hotel consultant, I am often asked a pertinent question: Do hotels make profits in India? The challenges in building, operating, buying and selling hotels are a plenty. Investors frequently point to the relatively lower risk associated with other commercial asset classes such as office buildings, retail developments and warehouses.

The Value of a Good Consultant

Some sayings are so profound that in time, they become the absolute truth in all matters of economy, society, culture and our very beings. One may wonder if Ben had any inkling about just how applicable his words would be, especially to the world of business consulting today.