Kevin Duncan

Senior Director, Strategic Product Initiatives at Cendyn

Kevin Duncan

Kevin Duncan is an energetic leader who has been an innovator of total revenue management principles for the entire hospitality industry. His strategic guidance at every hotel he has interacted with has helped increase profitability and overall service levels. He brings over 20 years of hotel experience and has achieved tremendous success through his hands- on approach of leadership creating a positive working atmosphere. Kevin is currently the Senior Director, Strategic Commercial Initiatives at The Rainmaker Group. He has the rare blend of revenue management experience combined with years of hands-on knowledge of sales, marketing, and operations. He has volunteered his time for industry associations to ensure the education of our future leaders. He continues to look at how to advance Total Hotel Revenue Management for our ever-changing economy.

Insights by Kevin Duncan (6)

Redefine Your Revenue Management Strategy

This quote from Inspired Capital co-founder Alexa von Tobel perfectly encapsulates the realities of the hospitality industry today. Trends have accelerated and we seem to have jumped ahead a decade, with transformative change happening seemingly overnight.

Visioning a Post-COVID Era in Revenue Management

Our global hospitality industry is facing its greatest challenge in modern history—and also its greatest opportunity for transformational change. It would seem 2020 dealt us all a losing hand, but there's still a game to be won.

Hotel Budget Planning: Use BI to Create a More Profitable 2020

Brilliant autumn leaves and that slight nip in the air signal the start of the fall season, and right along with it comes the start of hotel budget season. After 10 consecutive years of occupancy expansion, CBRE Hotels Research is projecting that hotel owners will experience a slight decline in 2020 due to the combination of limited demand growth and modest supply increases.

Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy: The Changing Role of RM in Hotels

With U.S. hotel occupancy levels registering record-breaking performance,1 hoteliers must get creative when it comes forging a path toward higher rates and greater profits. And they increasingly look to their revenue managers to chart the course.

The Transformative Power of BI in the Hotel Industry

"Perhaps the most critical component for success of the modern enterprise is its ability to take advantage of all available information both internal and external."This quote captures the essence behind an increasing emphasis on business intelligence (BI) among the world's top sectors.
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