Florent Girardin

Assistant Professor of Marketing at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Florent GirardinDr. Florent Girardin is an assistant professor of marketing at Ecole hôteliere de Lausanne. His research interests include brand authenticity and luxury branding. He also teaches an undergraduate course on hospitality luxury brand management.

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Destination Marketing: How To Use Images To Promote A Destination

A picture is worth a thousand potential visitors to a destination! Destination marketing organizations have used photos to inform, persuade and remind tourists. The popularity of selfie culture further reinforces the importance of pictures, as millennials always search for that Kodak moment! Yet, is there a method to select the best images to promote a destination? After one and a half years of research, we have developed the "Imagery Diagnosis Model," which is the answer.

An Insight Into the State of Luxury Branding Today

The concept of what makes a luxury brand an attractive option worth buying into is undergoing a massive mind shift. This is especially true for the future luxury consumers, often referred to as the Millennials and Gen Z, or even more precisely HENRYs ('High earners, not rich yet').

Bernard Arnault Falls in Love with Tiffany!

LMVH is using M&A as a key lever to accelerate growth and strengthen its leadership position in the global luxury market. The French luxury goods supplier made a proposal to launch an offer for all the shares in the NASDAQ-listed luxury jewellery maker at $120 per share, a premium of 22% over the closing share price of last Friday.

Three Reasons why LVMH’s Acquisition of Belmond is a Smart Move

LVMH, the world's largest luxury group by revenue (42.6 billion euros in 2017), hit the headlines recently on the news of its acquisition of Belmond, which operates luxury hotels and train services in two dozen countries, for 3.