Trish Leighton

Sr. Manager Search Marketing Services at Vizergy

Trish LeightonTrish is the Senior Manager of Search Marketing Services at Vizergy Digital Marketing and has been with the company since 2017. Having parents that both worked in the hospitality industry and working in hotel management in NYC herself, Trish has always had a passion for the industry. She started working in digital marketing in 2011 and found the perfect role for her combination of interests at Vizergy, where she started as SEO Manager. She now oversees both SEO and Online Media departments and lives in Jacksonville with her husband and three cats. When she’s not making sure Vizergy’s clients outrank their competition, she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts and exploring northeast Florida with her husband.

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COVID-19 Recovery Series: Boosting Natural Search Traffic

With COVID-19 disrupting the hospitality space so intensely, we are left wondering what the landscape will look like as we emerge on the other side of this pandemic. With hotels having to shut their doors, airlines flying mostly empty planes, and travel at a near standstill, the only silver lining is the time we now have to take a step back, measure the effectiveness of our previous digital efforts, and take the time to make a plan moving forward.

The Importance of Website Personalization for Hoteliers

Personalization is all the rage in the travel industry, right now. Today's marketers have plenty of opportunity to personalize their customer's online experience. For hotel properties, website personalization is a simple step to improve direct conversions.

Forget OTAs - Hotelier's Biggest Competitor for Direct Bookings is Google

Over the last several years, we've seen Google become a major player in the travel industry. In the last six months in particular, Google has gone from search engine to booking engine, causing more than a few worried glances among those who rely on direct online bookings for revenue.

SEO FAQ’s for Hoteliers

Vizergy's Senior Manager of Search Marketing Services, Trish Leighton, dives into some frequently asked questions about search engine optimization from hoteliers.

Why Backlinks Are Important for Hotel SEO

Backlinks are incoming links to your website from other websites. These links to your website are viewed as votes of confidence to search engines. It means your property's website is important and relevant enough for other websites to link to and associate themselves with.
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