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Don Kermath

Turnover Reduction Expert

Don works with hospitality industry leaders who want to improve internal communications and employee engagement. After meeting with Don and exploring how you are currently trying to improve internal communications and employee engagement, you may discover that his highly-customized programs make sense for you (and could really benefit your bottom line). Visit to learn more.
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Why You Are A Difficult Hospitality Employee

It's true, you are someone's difficult person. As hospitality workers we find some guests to be exceptionally difficult. However, guests are the reason we exist. Guests deserve the best possible service, but so do your fellow employees. They are your customers as well - your ...

How To Find Superstar Employees In 3 Minutes

It might be time to reconsider the hire slow and fire quick philosophy - at least the hire slow part. Maybe hiring should be more like speed dating. Put as many candidates as possible across the table from you, but spend very little time evaluating them. You'll find the exact ...

You Must Be Present To Win

You ride the bus to work every day. On the bus a young girl gazes out the window, soaking in all the sights and sounds. She notices a cool restaurant she wants to try with her partner. There is amazing architecture on the route, too. She's fascinated by the details, the materials, ...

Why Didn't You Hear What I Was Thinking?

Why should you care about exceptional listening? First, exceptional listeners are also great at building relationships. Dale Carnegie wrote about this in his book, How to Make Friends and Influence People. Second, exceptional listeners are keen negotiators and mediators. You ...