Don Kermath

Turnover Reduction Expert

Don KermathDon works with hospitality industry leaders who want to improve internal communications and employee engagement. After meeting with Don and exploring how you are currently trying to improve internal communications and employee engagement, you may discover that his highly-customized programs make sense for you (and could really benefit your bottom line). Visit to learn more.

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Why You Are A Difficult Hospitality Employee

It's true, you are someone's difficult person. As hospitality workers we find some guests to be exceptionally difficult. However, guests are the reason we exist. Guests deserve the best possible service, but so do your fellow employees.

How To Find Superstar Employees In 3 Minutes

Hospitality employee turnover rates are off the charts. The productivity needle hasn’t moved in decades either. Are you tired of spending vast amounts of time and money hiring and training employees only to lose them within a short few months? Do you spend tremendous resources on employee engagement and they still leave? Face it, there is no employee loyalty.

You Must Be Present To Win

The grand prize is a Bahamas trip for two. You feel lucky today. You read the fine print – “Must Be Present to Win.” Knowing you won’t be present, your delight turns to disappointment. How many oppor.

Why Didn’t You Hear What I Was Thinking?

You can tell you are in the presence of an exceptional listener when they seem to know what you are thinking and feeling. It's as if they are one part telepath and one part empath - simultaneously reading your mind and sensing your feelings.