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Victor Bogomolov

CEO of VR Tigers

Viktor Bogomolov is a VR/AR enthusiast that believes in the future of technology. He has more than ten years of experience in software development. Last three years were dedicated to extended realities and discovering opportunities for using VR and AR beyond the gaming industry as a CEO of VR Tigers, a VR/AR software development company. He works on custom solutions for various businesses to help them thrive and benefit from modern technologies. Having more than twenty successful cases, he wishes to share the experience and spread the word about possibilities of VR and AR for business purposes.

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Top 5 Ideas How To Use Ar In Tourism

Augmented reality in the very idea of it is meant to change what we see around. It is meant to enhance our experience and increase our joy while exploring the world. So AR is a perfect tool for tourism. It adds new value and opens new opportunities for both the tourist and the ...