Leslie Kalk

Hospitality Coach at Six Figures Waiter

Leslie Kalk

Leslie does for the FOH what Gordon Ramsay does for the BOH. Fresh, no-BS programs that eliminate the frustrations of bleary-eyed hospitality managers. She is an award-winning Hospitality/F&B lifer with more than 27 years successfully creating the best custom systems to improve hiring, training and motivating your team. From Neighborhood Bar & Grill to International Luxury Resort, from Bartender to Manager to Corporate Trainer, her experience covers a broad mix of establishments. She is not only a top sales producer, but a natural coach and motivator who elevates the whole team’s performance. Leslie is also a rabid football fan, a karaoke diva and a fiend for an exquisite cup of coffee.

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That’s How Eye Roll

When's the last time you went on a date? Too long to remember? Or maybe you're dating now, you sanguine dreamer. Do you have a collection of cringe-worthy stories about those dates or relationships you'll never forget, the ones that took a turn for the worse? Lol! Don't worry, this isn't about dragging up all the pitiful memories of your exes.

Really, Why Are You Still Allowing This Word…

I mean come on, now… Why on Earth are you still okay with this word that your team is using with guests? It's NOT okay. Actually it IS okay. The word is "Okay!" See what I did there? Heh heh.

Pffft! You’ll never get it right.

During the dinner rush last Friday night in a fun-casual downtown restaurant, Tim was running his third solo shift as a manager. And then disaster happened.

Difficult Guest Your Fault? Really.

So, last Thursday in a hotel restaurant in Phoenix, Aaron was working a busy lunch shift. Two elderly ladies were seated in his section and he swooped in to get a quick drink order: “Good afternoon, ladies.