Morgane Voumard

Responsable Marketing at Fondation le Camp

Morgane VoumardMorgane Voumard holds a Master degree in Tourism Management and Planning from the Universitat de les Illes Balears (Spain). She was the research coordinator of the Saviva Food and Beverage Chair at EHL, where she was handling and coordinating various tasks linked to the Chair activities.
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Are Restaurateurs Ready for 2030?

As young restaurateurs pave the way for the future of the restaurant sector, they are keen to adapt to their customers' and markets' needs and are ready to make F&B an innovative and experience-centered industry.

Should Restaurateurs Change Their Offerings For 2030?

Despite a mostly conservative vision concerning their experience at a restaurant for 2030, Swiss consumers do want to see drastic changes in some areas, mainly related to customization. Are restaurateurs aware and ready to respond to their clients' expectations? A new study provides insights and recommendations for restaurateurs and F&B professionals.