David Eisen

Director of Hotel Intelligence and Customer Solutions for HotStats

David EisenDavid Eisen is Director of Hotel Intelligence and Customer Solutions for HotStats, a monthly profit-and-loss data benchmarking service. He is responsible for business development activity in the Americas and developing marketing strategies to drive HotStats’ brand awareness. Prior to joining HotStats, David served as Editor-in- Chief of the Questex Hospitality Group, which includes Hotel Management magazine. His responsibilities included overseeing content direction for the magazine and website, and leading content creation for events and conferences under the Questex umbrella. Prior to Questex, he was hotel editor at Business Travel News. David has a master's degree in hospitality industry studies from New York University’s Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism. He frequently participates on panels and roundtable discussions on myriad global hospitality industry trends and topics.
Insights by David Eisen (26)

Analysis: At What Occupancy Rate Can a Hotel Break-Even?

COVID-19 has made breaking-even more tolerable than the alternative—going broke. It's not the hand hoteliers wanted, but it's the hand they've been dealt, forcing them to approximate at what occupancy rate they can operate their hotel such that cost and revenue are equal.

Why Flow-Through and Flex Analysis Will Be Key Post-COVID-19

It feels interminable now, but there will come a day when the coronavirus — this "invisible enemy" that continues to lay waste to normal, everyday functions and in a matter of weeks succeeded in leveling the world's economy — will subside and end.

How Hoteliers Can Get Over the Coronavirus

COVID-19 is putting an end to 11 years of unprecedented growth in the hotel industry. There is no sugarcoating it: the coronavirus has induced panic across the globe, throwing markets into chaos, postponing conferences, stamping out travel and emptying drugstore shelves.

Benchmarking 101: Parking Into Profit

Let's face it: Parking isn't the flashiest hotel amenity, but it can have a massive impact on a guest's experience, not to mention a hotel's bottom line. Considering that the average driver spends 17 hours per year searching for parking, a hotel's parking facility can be a welcoming oasis in a parking desert.

January Hotel Data Highlights Coronavirus Scourge

The World Health Organization says that COVID-19, more commonly known as coronavirus, has the potential to become a pandemic. It's already rocked the hospitality industry with canceled flights and forced hotel cancellations, even closures.
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