Wolfgang Emperger

Vice President, Infor Hospitality Solutions – EMEAI

Wolfgang Emperger

Wolfgang heads up Infor Hospitality sales and account management teams in the EMEA and LATAM regions and is responsible for all direct and indirect activities. His key objectives are to accelerate Infor Hospitality growth and recognition in the hotel market with leading industry applications, while ensuring highest client satisfaction.

Insights by Wolfgang Emperger (6)

SHIFT + DEL! Do we need a massive reset?

The goal to develop and implement solutions that lend immediate out of the box value is always going to be a priority. Technology of any kind is ultimately just a vehicle to help users and their organizations get to where they want to go.

Is revenue management stuck in a rut?

It is interesting to see that the evolution of RM, its tools, discipline, and focus has not evolved in the same way globally. Where in certain areas the USA is the early adopter, in others it is actually APAC or EMEA.

Should hoteliers develop in-house or outsource IT applications and solutions?

Hoteliers, please keep doing what you do best, which is providing exceptional guest experiences to your guests, which I am one of them. And I love you for that! With an ever-increasing pace of technology innovation, it is hard to keep up, and nowadays, keeping up is not enough! The SaaS community model provides great benefits to everyone.

Why are there so many hospitality technology vendors in our industry? (Part II)

It comes with the depth and wide spread of our industry. There are some (smaller) vendors that focus on a one-stop tech solution, either for a certain operating model or region, but globally I do not see this feasible.

My biggest frustration with hotel-tech when booking or staying at a hotel!

Having worked in hotels fo rmany years I do understand the challenges on the operational side of the business, hence I am an easy traveller, accepting things a normal traveller may not! However, what is the most important when staying at a hotel: First of all a good night's sleep! And this is already my main frustration, not in all but in some hotels.
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