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Osvaldo Mauro

Osvaldo Mauro has been a travel tech and digital entrepreneur since 1998. He is launching his third startup, named Profiter (, with a team of six executives, in online distribution. Recently, he led the Artificial Intelligence team for AdsHotel, a metasearch B2B platform. He joined this Google Integration Partner after their acquisition of Bôtelier, one of the first AI startups in hospitality, which Osvaldo founded in 2016. Previously, he had co-founded Best Holiday (sold to private investors) and Popvision, an IT and digital innovation company. He has been a tech consultant for OTAs like Tui Group, Holiday Autos, and Travelprice. Earlier, he had worked as Content Manager IT for during the very early days of the biggest e-commerce site in Europe. Osvaldo is a researcher in travel tech with publications on PhocusWire, Tendance Hotellerie, and Buy Tourism Online.

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Is hotel metasearch a distribution or advertising channel?

In a nutshell: if you pay metasearch marketing in commissions as you do with OTAs, then they are almost the same thing. You can treat these as other distribution channels. Deep dive explanation:If nowadays we should play a Celebrity Deathmatch (an MTV stop-motion cartoon popular in the 90ties) of the hospitality distribution, it would be Commissions against Cost of Acquisition(CPA).

Working with OTAs: The Indirect Distribution Dilemma

Distribution is a cost and getting a booking is not part of a "marketing budget cost" roughly estimated at the beginning of the year. Any booking has its cost of sale, a variable fee that has to be paid in ANY CASE.

Google Hotel Ads and Propriety Promotion Ads research.

On September 8th from 3pm CET #Linkedinlive on FunnelTV, we will present:The Google Hotel Ads and Propriety Promotion Ads research.SPEAKERS- Osvaldo Mauro, co-founder and CEO at Profiter- Vanessa de Souza Lage, CMO at Rental United- Melanie Rossetti, E-Commerce & Connectivity Project Manager Officer at Héliades- Enzo Aita, Global Head of Business Development at HyperGuest- Filippo Fasolo, CEO at AdsHotelThe purpose is to disclose and make this very complicated and constantly updated topic comprehensive.

Is Expedia's recovery program a genuine help for Hoteliers?

In a nutshell: That's not a good deal and with these acquisition costs the hotel can do its own recovery programme.My math teacher at school used to tell me that speaking about a percentage of another percentage is something unused and generally wrong.

A Post-Crisis Top-3 Digital Marketing Action Plan

First of all, it's too easy talking. We have a great buzz of people talking these times while it's difficult to extrapolate real value from all these free opinions. I'm writing from north Italy and I do it respecting hotel businesses that had to shut down, maybe forever.
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