Rob Funnell

Content & Product Marketing Executive at Triptease

Rob  Funnell

Rob is a Content & Product Marketing Executive with Triptease, and loves helping hotels attract and convert direct bookings, cats and loud music.

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10 ways to improve your hotel's click-through rate

Website visitors can be a tough crowd. In an era of adblock, 280 characters and fleeting attention spans, hotels are fighting against the odds to capture the imagination of potential guests online. While powerful tools such as retargeting and on-site messaging can be used to help improve website conversion rates, simply having these in place is only the first step.

"Hotels have an extraordinary advantage over OTAs." - DBS Paris 2019 Day One Wrap-Up

After months of anticipation, the Direct Booking Summit EMEA opened its doors this morning - and if the first day is anything to go by, this could very well be the best event yet. Hundreds of innovation leaders gathered in the heart of Paris for the biggest event in hospitality, with 25 influential figures within the industry presenting keynotes, panels and debates across a wide range of fascinating topics.

Has the relationship changed between hotels and OTAs?

Hotels and OTAs both need each other. However, despite their fundamental interdependence, the relationship between the two has felt distinctly one-sided over the past decade of relentless OTA growth. Things are starting to change, though - sweeping industry disruption, the direct booking movement and bold new stances from major brands are beginning to tilt the scales in favor of the hotels.