Nate Lane

Senior Director of Digital Platforms, Travel Tripper & Pegasus

Nate  LaneNate Lane is a senior global director of business development, product development, and agency operations with 10+ years of experience driving growth and innovation as an "intrapreneur". He's an avid mountain biker, a coffee and craft beer enthusiast, and a proud family man.
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Budget Season Tips: How to Decide If Your Hotel Needs a New Website Next Year

It's budgeting season, which means your hotel is probably ready to start planning how, when, and where you'll be investing in 2020. As part of the "20/20 Strategy" series, we'll offer expert tips to help you budget for key areas that could define how successful you are next year— including your hotel website.

Is your hotel prepared for the California Consumer Privacy Act?

A raft of new data privacy laws have come into force over the past few years, and many have had a major impact on the hospitality industry. This January, hotels need to be aware of another piece of legislation — the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

How hotels should adapt to Google Travel and intent-based search

Google is continually updating its algorithm to offer the best possible experience to its users. This has implications for hotel marketers; when you know the kind of content Google deems as valuable, you can tailor your SEO and marketing accordingly.

What to do if your hotel receives an ADA web compliance lawsuit

ADA compliance lawsuits are on the rise. In 2018, the number of website accessibility lawsuits exceeded 2,250 — that's nearly triple the number from 2017. In this post, we explain the issues surrounding ADA-compliant websites and what to do if your hotel receives an ADA web compliance lawsuit.