Jochen de Peuter

Consultant at EHL Advisory Services, Lausanne Office

Jochen de Peuter

Jochen puts the customer at the center of his approach. With efficient use of resources and well-determined activities, Jochen commits to creating significant added value for the customer and therefore a positive return on investment for the business. He is convinced that digital transformation, constant innovation, employee education and customer focus are fundamentals for a successful business.

Prior to joining EHL Advisory, Jochen worked in the online hotel distribution and hotel technology industry. He has proven outstanding results in customer acquisition, business development in new markets and relationship management across various markets in Europe. Jochen operated in demanding and fast evolving work environments. This setting helped him to collaborate and think with the team so as to stay ahead of competition.

Jochen holds an academical degree in economics and business administration, a post graduate degree in hospitality operations and an Excecutive MBA from IESE business school. He is a native Dutch speaker, business fluent in English, German, French and can communicate in Russian.

Areas of Focus: Customer service design, Online hotel distribution, Digital transformation, Business development, Digital marketing, Business analysis of SME and start-ups.

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