Kimberly Yoong

Analyst, Capital Markets at Cushman & Wakefield Hospitality - Central & Eastern, South-Eastern Europe

Kimberly Yoong

Kimberly first started at Cushman & Wakefield in 2019 in Strategic Advisory & Research EMEA, before later joining the Capital Markets team, focusing on the CEE & SEE hotel market. She supports investment and advisory projects, as well as the team’s asset management services. Prior to joining Cushman & Wakefield, Kimberly acquired knowledge and experience of hotel operations, working across various functions for major luxury and limited-service hotel brands in Japan, Singapore, and the USA.

Kimberly graduated from the Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne with a BSc. in International Hospitality Management (High Honors), with the top BSc. grade and second-best thesis of her cohort.

Insights by Kimberly Yoong (24)

Post-Pandemic Hospitality Trends & Economics in China

The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt far and wide around the world and across industries. As one of the first hit but also one of the first economies to successfully slow the spread of the virus, China has already been seeing a gradual recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

Concept Design: Crafting Distinctive Hotels Through Storytelling

Mention 'hospitality concept design' and the first words that come up in the minds of many is this: beautiful interior design. However, concept design in hospitality encompasses much more than that - from the story you are telling to the identity of the place; interior design is simply one of many parts in designing a hospitality concept.

The Need for People Analytics: Driving Data in a People-Based Industry

For many of us hoteliers who have long been inculcated with a firm belief in the value of the 'human touch', the term people analytics may very well come across as a giant paradox - how can cold, har.

European Hotel Investment Market 2020: Surprisingly Optimistic Results

Nearly a year into our days of forced telecommuting and videoconferencing, the words 'impact of COVID-19' continue to ring in our ears. The hospitality industry has undoubtedly borne the brunt of this crisis, as many hotels across Europe continue to record single-digit occupancies, with average revenues per room down by nearly 70% in 2020.

Kempinski Hotels: A legacy European brand in Asia

With over 120 years of history, Kempinski Hotels is Europe's oldest luxury hotel group. Since 1897, Kempinski has been building its brand in the luxury hotel space and is well-regarded for its heritage hotels, luxury holiday resorts, and business and spa hotels around the world.
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