Jim Lopolito

Owner of Lopolito Hospitality Consultants, Corp. (LHC)

Jim  Lopolito

Jim Lopolito is owner of Lopolito Hospitality Consultants, Corp. (LHC) which is a New York based consulting firm that provides forward thinking review and solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry. Concentrations in advisory services are available to restaurants, golf and country clubs, caterers, and other food service businesses. Jim Lopolito, President of LHC, is also an active consultant with Cayuga Hospitality Consultants (CHC). Being an active member with CHC further enhance LHC’s portfolio offerings.

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New Competition And Short Term Solutions For Food Service Establishments In 2021

When we compare satisfied employees with good pay the hospitality industry has been in a condition of instability even before the pandemic. While a solution has encompassed different directions but never resulted, the dilemma is being further plagued by an unexpected new competitor paying all of our staff.

Are You Managing F&B Effectively During COVID-19?

If you are a manager of a private club, restaurant, or other foodservice business, you may be wondering what you can do right now, or how you should proceed with your business during COVID-19. This is an unprecedented occurrence; however with thoughtful planning you can nurture a more productive outcome.

5 Ways your Menu Pricing Strategy is Hurting your Profit

Your menu pricing strategy is directly tied to your bottom line. Which makes me wonder why so many restaurants overlook this important profit center.