Michael De Jongh

Chief Commercial Officer | Board Director at Avvio

Michael  De Jongh @dejonghmichael | Im part of the exec team and board member of Avvio, who developed the worlds leading booking platform for hotels, Allora, built on Artificial Intelligence (AI),helping our hotel customers drive profitable bookings direct. An entrepreneurial sales and marketing leader with extensive background in start-ups through to big corporate. I love building communities and scaling companies whilst empowering the smaller guys to think BIG and punch above. Digital transformation, unique personal digital experiences, the move to cloud adoption and empowering channels to scale across the world. Big passion for rock and roll, travel, Arsenal football club and all things international. Its a big wide world out there, made smaller through innovation and technology - I'm blessed to be at the heart of it, creating winning / thriving ecosystems, driving margin rich revenue and creating compelling value for business owners and shareholders.
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Avvioversary - 'Look forward'

Reflecting on my first year at Avvio, here's some of my insight to what's coming next and how things will shape up and advance over the coming year and possibly beyond.