Korosh Farazad

Founder and Chairman of Farazad Group of Companies

Korosh FarazadAs the acting CEO of Farazad Investments (FI), Mr. Farazad, asserts market integrity and an unconventional approach to Structured Financing. He was awarded by the IAIR Awards as the ‘CEO of the Year for Structured Finance Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA)’ 2015, and awarded with the ‘Best Structured Finance Company 2015’, by the European CEO. FI is headquartered in the United Kingdom and proud member of British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA). FI currently operates across five continents, with a presence in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia and United States, with an ever expanding portfolio and new innovative funding ventures worldwide. Mr. Farazad’s unique approach has been at the forefront to the firm’s success and paved the way for international recognition from regulatory bodies, who actively seek out his expertise. It is this transparent approach to financing and creative thinking, which introduced an award winning in- house financing formula, which has been praised by international Institutions aspiring to adopt the formula and enhance traditional funding methodology.
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Why Trophy Hotel Assets Make a Legacy?

Trophy hotel is a term used in hospitality real estate to define a property in remarkably high in demand and either super prime or prime locations by investors. These assets are generally a status symbol with well-known name recognition, a landmark, iconic buildings located in prestigious prime address with strong underlying property fundamentals such as unique distinctive design architectures and the finest construction and highest quality finishes money can buy.

The Re-Opening Process Post COVID-19

We all hope for a v-shaped recovery globally after pandemic lockdown later this year in Q3-Q4. When the government and health services finally give the greenlight to reopen the hotels, it will be the time to get back to business as the market will pick up its footing.

The Impact COVID-19 has had on Hotel Developments Across the Globe

The rapid spread and the increasing transmission rate of COVID-19 has demonstrated how interconnected and globalised our world is. This pandemic has caused unprecedented health and economic consequences around the globe.

How Hotels Can Maintain “Personal” Consumer Relationship During COVID-19 (Part 2)

We are almost halfway through 2020 and it is clear to say that the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing and has given the greatest shock of the century to businesses and global economy. Hotels, retails, and food & beverage venues have temporarily closed their doors.

How to Maintain Consumer Relationship During COVID-19

Since Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the world has come to a complete halt. The effects of the virus are disturbing every aspect of people's daily life. Social distancing, travel bans, closing of schools and universities, working from home and forcing the cancellation of events.
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