Jack Chapman

Senior Portfolio Manager at Cult Wines

Jack ChapmanJack joined Cult Wines in July 2018. Having graduated from the University of Leeds, he began his career at a well-known high street wine warehouse, before progressing to head up an auction house and wine website. He comes to us after a stint at a London brokerage, specializing in Champagne. Jack is currently halfway through his studies for the WSET level 4 Diploma and owns a small vineyard on the West Berkshire Downs, so brings to the team a real depth of industry knowledge, having quite literally worked in every role from grape to glass. When not eating or drinking (which is seldom) Jack enjoys Shooting, Lacrosse and retreating to the family farm. His wine tastes are totally eclectic, but his cellar weighs heavily toward Bordeaux, Champagne, Italy and the USA
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If you have a sweet tooth, choosing a wine amongst dry, 'serious' wines can be difficult. Whilst dessert wines tend to be looked down upon as a novice wine drinkers' choice, this opinion is pretty flawed.

Wine’s Alcohol Levels Explained

It's wine education week! Whilst wine does contain alcohol, every wine - be it red or white, still or sparkling - is the unique product of an individual recipe and set of processes. Just like the grape content, the alcohol levels vary from wine to wine.