Sam Laakkonen

Contingent Managing Director - Sustainability at Techstars

Sam LaakkonenSam Laakkonen is a Contingent Managing Director Sustainability for Techstars, the leading technology entrepreneur ecosystem. A Finn who has been based in London for over 20 years, Sam’s career has focused on disruptive innovation and he has been involved in more than 10 technology start ups to date. Over the last couple of years his focus has increasingly shifted onto sustainability and impact, and how technology can be leveraged to make our lives and planet more sustainable.
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How can sustainability be communicated beyond clichés and greenwashing?

Both clichés and greenwashing are amongst the biggest traps to fall into when communicating sustainability. A "let's save the world" claim and tacky towel policy stickers are superficial and unappealing and could be a turn-off to the small group of environmentally and socially-conscious consumers.

Hotel Sustainability: Top 3 Technologies to Implement in 2020

There seem to be two schools of thought in regards to achieving greater sustainability. One is based on a behavioural change to tackle societal and environmental challenges. More precisely in managing resources with moderation, restraint, and constraint (e.