Ana Leal

Digital Marketing Manager at GuestCentric

Ana LealAna Leal is a digital marketing manager at the GuestCentric Lab department, an innovation lab specialized in hospitality and direct revenue maximisation. She knows GuestCentric platform like the back of her hands and has over 9 years of experience the hospitality industry
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How Hotels are using Gift Vouchers to Generate Revenue Right Now

International travel has all but come to a complete halt across many locations worldwide, as local governments reintroduce restrictions in an effort to combat the second wave. With winter in full swing and a substantial slow-down in bookings, Hoteliers need to strategize new ways to generate revenue during this time.

The Hotelier’s Action Plan for a Post-Lockdown World

In just a short number of weeks since the beginning of March 2020, the worldwide travel industry rapidly plunged deep into a state of crisis. Hotels across the globe closed their doors and reached minus 95% of new bookings compared to 2019.

Why Incentives Increase Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings

According to a recent study by Fuel and, your hotel's website is the most influential factor behind whether or not a travel shopper chooses to make a direct booking.

5 Powerful Ideas To Create A Click Worthy Pre-Stay E-mail

A study from Cornell University's School showed that encouraging consumers to savour an upcoming experience can make waiting time more pleasurable and can heighten the enjoyment of the actual experience.

Shame On You, Unruly OTAs!

There was a time when transparency and trust were undoubtedly the pillar of a successful partnership. OTAs were, in the last decade, valuable partners for hotels and responsible for a more efficient distribution.