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John SmallwoodAfter 30 years in the hospitality business as an owner and manager of all types of hotels, John Smallwood created Travel Outlook, the only hospitality-centric high-touch call center in North America.

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Why Independent Call Centers Often Outshine Hotel Brands

Most hotels have suffered a major decline in sales leads from reliable digital channels. Can the voice channel pick up the slack and drive direct bookings? Doug Kennedy, President of the renowned Kennedy Training Network, certainly believes it can.

The Future of Hotel Call Centers

As hotels slowly reopen in parts of the US, it’s time to question the future role of hotel call centers. In the following interview, we’re speaking with Travel Outlook’s CEO John Smallwood and its Vice President Operations Brett Puffenberger, about the challenge’s hotel-based call centers are facing today and in the coming months and maybe years.

The Game-Changing Rules Around Revenue Optimization

The global pandemic has turned everything on its head, with the hospitality industry hit particularly hard. As hotels slowly reopen, they must adjust their revenue strategies to ensure they drive demand while being careful with their pricing decisions.

The Imminent Influx of Call Volume

The hospitality industry has never faced a challenge quite like this. COVID-19 has brought the industry to its knees, and despite lockdown measures being steadily eased, it's clearly going to take time for the hospitality sector to recover.

Modern-Day Travel Journey Changed By Marketing Automation – Forever!

The modern-day travel journey doesn't involve a short and predictable path to purchase. It commonly involves interactions with numerous digital touchpoints, each of which has the potential to sway a traveler's final choice of accommodation.