Cyril Constantino

Asia Pacific Supplier Management Lead, CWT Meetings & Events

Cyril ConstantinoCyril is a teacher by profession and a travel professional by occupation. Seems unrelated at first, but in reality, it has helped him a lot in assisting his clients and team members in getting their presentations and researches ready for their management meetings and pitches. Being an educator at heart, he knows how important it is to listen and do his best to provide relevant answers or hints to help people around me find the solutions they are looking for. Cyril's passion is to create value for Meeting Planners in sourcing venues, event services, ground logistics and transport partners utilizing his preferred supplier network and supplementing with individual corporate policies. He has 13+ years experience in customer service, hospitality, sales, events and procurement based in Singapore and Manila.
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MATCHMAKING FOR M&E: How to choose the right partners for your meetings and events

A meeting or event is like a giant jigsaw puzzle — numerous pieces must come together in the right order for the final outcome to be a success. For that to happen, it's imperative to choose the right partners when planning an event - ideally, partners whose business philosophy and corporate code align with your own.