Lukasz Kolodziejczyk

Head of fine wine at Cult Wines

Lukasz Kolodziejczyk

Lukasz joined Cult Wines following a career spanning more than a decade in the hospitality industry. Whilst studying wine in Poland, Lukasz took the decision to pursue his career in one of the world's best restaurants, The Fat Duck in Bray, England. Following 7 successful years at The Fat Duck, where Lukasz honed his skills as a sommelier he joined Michelin starred restaurant Pollen Street Social as Head Sommelier, where he oversaw a wine list of 800 bins and a team of 7 sommeliers. This gave Lukasz the opportunity to cement his reputation as one of the finest sommeliers in the UK, his success in national competition coupled with earning his Court of Master Sommeliers Advanced certificate is testament to this. Lukasz’s role will see him oversee a number of key activities, including working closely with producers, arranging tastings, events, dinners and hosting masterclass events. He will also be using his contacts and knowledge base to further develop our on-trade sales, sourcing unique parcels of wines to develop and expand our retail sales offering. Lukasz will also be on hand to provide expert consultancy services to our growing worldwide client base. He will work with customers to help advise and build home wine cellars, evaluate and appraise existing collections. During his time in the restaurant industry, Lukasz has had the opportunity to taste an enviable back catalogue of the world’s greatest wines and will be sharing his personal tasting notes, reviews and recommendations on our blog throughout the course of the year.

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