Zoe Connolly

Founder and CEO of Hospitality Spotlight

Zoe ConnollyZoe Connolly is Hospitality Spotlight’s founder and CEO. For more than a decade, she’s pioneered innovative and proactive recruiting efforts, connecting the best talent with the best companies, across all levels of organizations. In her career, Zoe has worked with a variety of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms. While her focus early in her career was in technology and linguistics, her passion for the travel industry lead her to Hospitality Spotlight. Now solely focused on hotels and travel technology, Hospitality Spotlight works with management companies, independent hotels and travel tech companies. Zoe is an island girl, with a DC brain and a West Coast address. When I'm away from the recruiters desk, I'm with family & friends enjoying a silly game night, watching cartoons with the kiddo (Sing is the current favorite), dreaming of mid-century modern decor, telling a bad joke (I have horrible timing) Or hitting up the local coffee shop. Gotta stay caffeinated! Zoe is a member of HSMAI, Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals, Hotel Executive Editorial Board and eHotelier Contributor.
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Employee Retention "How To" - What you need to know

Oh retention! It’s 2021 and we are witnessing “The Great Resignation” with a mass employee exodus. Somehow private businesses are now able to do things that are out of this world like launching civilian crews into space, so this alone should make employee retention feel more manageable.

Rainy Mondays and Chilly Economics - Recruiting in a Downturn

There was a sales manager who used to say he "loved rainy Mondays." It was a little crazy to hear, since no one was excited about Monday in general, and most folks were even less so when Mother Nature was being uncooperative.