Kristi White

VP, Product Management at the Knowland Group

Kristi White

As a hospitality veteran by trade, with two decades of experience in the hotel and revenue management side of the industry, Kristi has a pulse on the needs of hospitality group business. She has advised hundreds of hotels worldwide on improving their business strategy, hotel performance, and overall profitability. She is a recognized expert in hospitality and a frequent speaker at industry conferences and universities, as well as a former member of the Board of Directors for the HSMAI Revenue Management Special Interest Group.

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Digital #21 season II

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The Care and Feeding of Revenue Managers

Hospitality revenue managers are a unique breed. The language they speak is not always compatible with the language of group sales people. The result of this means the two departments often have an adversarial relationship.

The Argument for Proactive Selling

In our last article we gave you tips on how to assess your sales team and where they fit on the hunter gatherer spectrum. It's possible some of you merely shrugged and asked "Why should I change? My hotel is doing well and if ain't broke don't fix it".

How to Nurture and Retain Group Sales Hunters

In a recent article "The Hunter Group Salesperson: Endangered Species or Already Extinct? " we identified three types of salespeople, the Hunter, Order-Taker and Farmer. We then took that concept a bit further to identify the DNA of the Hunter salesperson and offered ways to help you recognize the Hunter.

Think Like A Revenue Manager

Knowland recently conducted a survey of over 900 hospitality professionals. While the survey covered a multitude of questions, 58% of individuals directly responsible for selling reported they were on or ahead of pace to meet their year-end goals.