David Berger

Founder and CEO of Volara

David BergerDavid Berger was the first to conceive of, develop, and deliver a viable hotel voice assistant. He is the Founder and CEO of Volara - the voice hub for the hospitality industry. Volara’s conversation management software and secure integrations hub turns the leading consumer smart speakers and natural language processing platforms into a hotel business tool. Volara is building voice interfaces for leading hotel technologies, while providing hotels the software to manage conversations with their guests at scale. Volara is the Official and Exclusive Partner of Marriott for pilots of voice technologies. It is also developing voice-based solutions for leading brands like Viceroy, Melia, Two Roads, and more.
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Leading Hoteliers Share Their Strategies for Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

As I've reviewed the "Commitment to Cleanliness" tomes released by major hotel brands and management groups over the past month, I've been impressed by the dedication and attention to detail from the teams' that put each together.

To Serve Guests You Need to Understand Them

"Service with a smile" has always been a common hospitality practice in the United States. Welcoming some international guests with this non-verbal cue, however, can be problematic. In Japan, a smile often conveys anger, sadness, or embarrassment rather than joy or friendliness.

4 Ways the Google Assistant Interpreter Will Drive Guest Satisfaction Scores, Boost Loyalty

2019 is the year of "experiential travel," with guests demanding more seamless, personalized and transformative stays. With the travel industry already achieving 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide (two years ahead of the 2020 prediction according to the UN World Tourism Organization), hoteliers need to address the most basic hospitality principle - hotel-to guest and guest-to-hotel communication.

Expected Global Tourism Boom in 2020 is Fueling the Need for Voice Translation Technology at Check In and Beyond

Research suggests that customer-experience (CX) technologies that serve every touchpoint, add personalization and drive satisfaction were at the top of operators' wish lists for 2020. To be effective and deliver a rapid return on investment, these solutions must successfully delight guests, increase operational efficiencies, inspire loyalty, and generate profits.

Quantifying the Guest Experience

Hospitality is a numbers game. Supply and its elasticity is limited. Demand is finicky and price conscious. Amorphous terms like "guest experience" are challenging to quantify, yet most argue critical to filling guest rooms at premium rates in competitive markets.
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