Sandra Lastra

Global Corporate Communications Manager at CWT

Sandra LastraSandra is global corporate communications Manager at CWT. She is a communications expert, creative mind and passionate about content creation.
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Team Spirit: 3 Tips For Working In A Remote Team

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, millions of us are now working from home for the forseeable future. In case you are not used to it, let me share some tips that work for my fully-remote team, with members spread across different time zones and geographies.

Travel Etiquette: 9 Tips That Will Make You A Popular Travel Buddy

Traveling for most of us, is an exciting experience that broadens the mind. That said, it is true that some trips can become a headache if you encounter inconsiderate travelers along the way.

Mission Possible: 5 Ways To Prepare For An Important Work Trip

Next week, from 19 - 21 November, companies from around the world will gather in Munich at Europe's largest business travel event. The GBTA Conference 2019 is an opportunity for organizations to showcase their latest products and services, share their insights, and get in touch with colleagues, suppliers, clients, and prospects.