Ramón Aragonés

Chief Executive Officer at NH Hotel Group

Ramón Aragonés

Ramón Aragonés (Madrid, 1954) studied Hospitality and Tourism Management in the University of Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and holds a Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management from the Louvain University (Belgium). He has developed the majority of his career within the hospitality industry, starting off as hotel front office staff in his youth and slowly scaling up until in the year 2000 he was appointed General Manager of the hotel chain Hesperia. From Hesperia he moved into NH Hotel Group, where he was named Managing Director of NH’s Spanish Business Unit in 2010. After two years of excellent results, he moved into the Group’s Headquarters as Chief Operations Officer. In January 2017, Ramón Aragonés was officially appointed Chief Executive Officer of NH Hotel Group. From this position, he is responsible for the delivery of the Company’s Strategic Business Plan, its expansion, the growth and consolidation of its brands and, since end of 2018, its successful integration into Minor Hotels.

Insights by Ramón Aragonés (5)

Do hospitality schools deliver the talent you are looking for today?

Hotel or business school and academic education in conjunction with skill is a very logical discussion. Hotel and business schools differ some in education but aren't completely foreign or strangers to each other.

Will the value of brands remain sustainable in today's distribution age?

In short, no. The era of the hotel chain is not coming to an end as they certainly bring value to the industry in many ways, but the way hotels do business is unquestionably changing.

Does IT provide a strategic advantage?

Absolutely yes. Keep in mind, tech architecture needs to be thought through in advance and needs to be woven into the customer journey and all things in the backend that allow for seamless delivery of operations.

Sustainability goals... is the window of opportunity for hotels closing?

We are entering into a new chapter for all businesses that demand a sense of urgency and the attainment of meaningful results on the sustainability front. Accor has long taken the view that we're stewards of our incredible locales, and mitigating our impact is a key priority for Accor, and a responsibility the Group has fully embraced.

How will you weather the next economic downturn?

With all the talk of disruptors in industry today like Airbnb, Uber and Amazon, the hotel industry's biggest disruptor was the introduction of the OTA's over 25 years ago. At that point we needed to learn how to do more with less, wear multiple hats, combine positions and become creative to save our bottom line.