Lauren Reynolds

Associate with the HVS Portland office

Lauren ReynoldsLauren Reynolds, an associate with the HVS Portland office, graduated from The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University in December 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business and a minor in Real Estate Investment Management. Her prior hospitality experience includes internships at HVS and the Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle, Washington. For more information, contact Lauren at [email protected] or (517) 920-3506.

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HVS Market Pulse: Wyoming & Montana

Travel certainly looked different in the United States for 2020. The limitation of international travel, the postponement of events and festivals, remote working, virtual learning, and the closure or strict capacity limitations at several attractions have steered travelers to seek the great outdoors, particularly in more remote locations.

HVS Market Pulse: Kalispell and Whitefish, Montana

Due to Kalispell's proximity to Glacier National Park, the region's local economy is largely tied to tourism and is highly seasonal. Kalispell is home to 22 open and operating hotels, encompassing 1,885 guestrooms.

HVS Market Pulse: Interstate 5 Corridor Tourism Destinations in Oregon

Salem, the state capital of Oregon, has not historically been known as a tourism destination. However, in recent years, the city's local economy has diversified to include manufacturing, distribution, and technology.