James Harrison

Hospitality Technology Consultant at HotelTCS

James HarrisonWith 15 years’ experience in technology, and more than half of that time dedicated to the Hospitality sector, James has a wealth of knowledge but also a millennial’s eye view. James has worked with a multitude of consultants over time, many of whom helped shape the knowledge he now brings to the table, others just reinforced the need to share his experience with others. James’ career has encompassed many technical and consultative roles, focusing on network architecture, WiFi, VOIP and IPTV. With a blend of technical skills that also includes RF architecture, this completes a “holy trinity” of requirements for the Hotel Guest Room. Spending the last 8 years travelling the globe, has given James a close insight into requirements of all regions of the world.

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Artificial Intelligence For Hotels

Sliding into this new decade a scary precedence is upon us. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, and while the general public often exhibits confusion as to what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is. I think there can be no confusion over what the latest announcement from AirBnB is all about.

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