Cara Federici

CEO & Founder of The Madison Melle Agency

Cara FedericiCara Federici is Principal and Founder of The Madison Melle Agency and consultant with Cayuga Hospitality. Cara demonstrates performance excellence in hospitality, specializing in branding and operations management within the boutique and luxury-lifestyle sectors. Her extensive leadership skills acquired from on the ground management include launching multiple, highly sought after hotels and luxury residences across the globe. She is a trusted Senior Advisor, often acting as Owner’s Representation in support of Capital Partners, Real Estate Developers, Independent Owners, Management Companies, and various other Stakeholders who are focused on capturing the highest return on investment. Cara is a visionary and seasoned hotelier with a proven track record of success.
Insights by Cara Federici (4)

To Deflag, Or Not To Deflag. That Is The Question

As the lights begin to brighten on a dimmed world of the post-COVID era, the hospitality and tourism sectors have started to gain traction again. It is now time for hotels to take this opportunity to create innovative ways to earn new customers and regain lost revenue.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Hospitality

Let's face it, the world is technology centric - there is no going back. As we move past the setbacks of 2020, a new year means new innovations. Enter: the convergence of artificial intelligence and the hospitality industry.

Five Marketing Techniques Hoteliers Can Count On

Hospitality marketing teams have a tough job to do these days. Pivot, pivot - and pivot again. As we all know, the familiar world around us has become quite unfamiliar, and, the predictable - unpredictable.

OS&E Design Takes Center Stage, Successful Brands Don’t Let it Become an Afterthought

Imagine a hotel is a doll house. Go ahead. Pick it up, shake it around and turn it upside down. What happens? Well, it’s likely that anything not glued down will fall out onto the floor. Most of these fallen objects are commonly referred to as OS&E, short for Operating Supplies and Equipment, or, the non-consumable small design elements and accessories in a space that do not require installation.