Harry Kazakian

President/CEO of Los Angeles-based USA Express Legal and Investigative Services

Harry KazakianHarry Kazakian, president/CEO of Los Angeles-based USA Express Legal and Investigative Services and a former LA County paramedic, is a licensed private investigator and a provider of risk control services. He has conducted investigations, claims management and risk control for corporations, celebrities, law firms and insurance companies across the United States. His accident scene investigations have earned him the reputation of being one of the most sought-after investigators in California. His insurance claims and investigations expertise has resulted in invitations to write articles for publications such as Forbes Magazine, and to serve as a guest speaker at numerous corporate workshops and seminars.
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How to prepare your hospitality business for proof of vaccination laws

Cities and counties continue rolling out mandates requiring many businesses to demand customers show proof of vaccination before being allowed inside. These orders, which apply to businesses where people congregate, may be easier to enforce for nightclubs, stadiums or amusement parks, because they already have security operations regularly checking IDs and providing support.

Striking The Delicate Balance Between Hospitality And Security

First impressions have always meant a lot in the hospitality business. The door staff's brisk attentiveness, the concierge's cheerful professionalism, and the warm attention of check-in staff all contribute to a quality guest experience.