Saar Sharon

Managing Director at West Ridge Asset Management


I am a hotel and real estate transactions specialist with over 27 years of commercial experience. Since 2005 I have helped investors, operators, hotel brands and consultants make money through hotel disposals, acquisitions, funding and asset management. To date I have been involved with hotel property worth in excess of £9bn in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, working for public and private companies. I enjoy thinking laterally and advise on mixed use real estate and developments, co-living, AirBnB models and alternative real estate investments. In 2016 I founded West Ridge Asset Management as a boutique hotel advisory. Since inception, West Ridge Asset Management advised on over £5bn of hotel real estate deals including the successful acquisition of 100 hotels comprised of 20,000 bedrooms valued over £1.9bn. I do both corporate and asset acquisitions. I advise on leased hotels, negotiate hotel occupational leases and negotiate hotel franchises and hotel management agreements. I have an excellent track record of advising on hotel real estate development, design and funding. Prior to West Ridge, I managed Leonardo Hotels in the UK. Leonardo now owns, leases and manages circa 200 hotels across EMEA.

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