Marco Rentsch

Managing Director at PwC’s Global Hospitality & Tourism Center of Excellence

Marco  Rentsch

Marco is a Managing Director in PwC’s Global Hospitality & Tourism Center of Excellence, based in Dubai, UAE. After having been raised in a hotel, Marco started his career in hotel operations and worked in various management roles for ten years. In the last 15+ years he has advised public and private clients across EMEA with strategic, tactical and transactional consulting services covering the entire tourism & hospitality asset life cycle and value chain.

Insights by Marco Rentsch (2)

In Step: Owners and Operators moving forward, together (or not)

There is no magic wand or a specific solution that fits all situations today. Regardless of the type of contractual relationship the parties should be communicating on a regular basis and working together to find the solutions that work for both parties if their relationship is to stand the test of time.

2020 Hotel Transactions and RevPAR

As travel becomes more accessible, it makes sense that lodging options need to grow, thus transactions increase. RevPAR may not follow this ongoing growth, yet a savvy investor will know that other KPIs, like guest satisfaction and overall profitability are more important long-term metrics to look at.