Raul Moronta

CRME, CHIA, Senior Vice President Revenue Management at Crescent Hotels & Resorts

Raul MorontaRaul is a proven hospitality leader with a passion for revenue management and hotel operations. His career in revenue management shows a wide variety of property types as well as multi-property experience, including the development of the first Centralized Revenue Management Program for Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Raul currently oversees the Revenue Strategy discipline in Crescent Hotels &Resorts.
Insights by Raul Moronta (2)

We’re out of the rut. Now what?

In the pre-COVID-19 era, some revenue managers were indeed stuck in the rut. Who were they? Revenue managers who acted as mere “OTA Relationship Managers.” Or as comp-set pricing strategy plagiarists.

Has forecasting become a lost art?

It is very important for hotels to maintain a detailed forecast for both the short term (more frequent) and longer-term (outside 3 months). If your property has an automated system that provides demand information, it will likely only be reliable for the short term.