Marco Correia

Partner & Co-Founder, T-Hotel Hospitality Knowledge

Marco  Correia

A Strategy-driven Leader with a reliable and consistent track record of success in driving effective IT strategies in the luxury hospitality and travel marketplace at multinational publicly traded companies, I understand the importance of results. Being an astute senior executive of IT with the ability to implement customer relationship management (CRM) systems, deploy cybersecurity services, and train employees to perform at a high level, I revel in the challenges of accomplishing goals where software/hardware problems threaten to impact the organization’s bottom line negatively. I am a passionate contributor with a laser-focus on exceeding organization expectations and enhancing the customer experience. During my career, I have worked to identify future trends, facilitate IT process improvements, and align IT with business objectives in 24 countries. As a leader, I have managed large teams while earning a reputation as a robust and empowering leader.

Insights by Marco Correia (7)

Where does the PMS sit in the new technology stack?

The role of the PMS in the hotel tech ecosystems has changed over the last years. The prevalence of cloud computing, the acceptance by owners and operators of a financial model based on opex and a new generation of cloud-native PMSs did shake the status quo.

Solving Labor Shortage Through Technology

Now that the recovery seems undeniable, the hospitality industry is facing a shortage of labour. The tsunami of furloughs and layoffs that hit the industry during the pandemic peak has caused many skilled hospitality workers found occupation in other sectors that offer more stability, better wages and a better balance between personal and professional life.

Are robots coming to a hotel near you?

When I first read the study published in 2018 by the University of Houston, "Beware hospitality industry: the robots are coming", a mix of surprise and disbelief crossed my mind. The bold statement ( based on PwC research) that by 2030 a quarter of all hospitality jobs in the USA would be automated didn't resonate.

Hotel Technology During Crises, Does it innovate?

Let's start with a controversial statement. During the crisis there has been little to no innovation in our industry. Chatbots, mobile keys, self-service kiosks were all existing technologies, slowly being embraced by the market.

Thoughts and recommendations for CYBER HITEC!

The motivations of people attending and exhibiting at Cyber Hitec will not be different if the event was physical, and we all were heading to Texas as initially planned. Knowledge, networking and gaining business leads are what people expect, and all the successful similar online events must check those boxes.
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