Michael Kessler

Chief Executive Officer, ReviewPro

Michael KesslerMichael Kessler is the CEO of ReviewPro, the market leader in guest experience management. He is committed to continually driving the development of the latest in hospitality technology and bringing it to ReviewPro's 55,000 global clients. ReviewPro provides a powerful set of tools and processes to help hoteliers with guest experience management. By collecting guest feedback across all key touch-points in the hotel journey, and managing it on one central dashboard, brands can gain valuable insight into areas where operational and service improvements are needed. Hoteliers can take quick action to fix problems, even while the guest is still on property. Guest insights can be leveraged to elevate the hotel experience, boost online reputation, improve rankings on OTAs and TripAdvisor, and increase revenue. Previously to ReviewPro, Mr. Kessler founded a tech company in Germany and later created a joint venture with NTRGlobal. Since joining ReviewPro as VP of Sales, then as CRO, and now as CEO, he has driven the company's growth and revenue. Mr. Kessler can be contacted at 404-948-4001 or [email protected]
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6 Ways to Manage Reputation During Coronavirus & Other Crises

Recently, one of our hotel clients found its reputation under attack after two guests were found to have coronavirus. While the hotel, FH55 Grand Hotel Palatino in Rome, made every effort to keep guests safe and informed, the story hit mainstream media, resulting in cancellations and bad online reviews.

Has Social Media Become The New And Improved Version Of Word Of Mouth?

Technology is developing at lightning speed, but one thing that is not going to change is word of mouth. Once, people would gather at a friend's house after a trip to look at a slideshow of their holidays snaps and hash out the highs and lows, today we happily browse our friends' (and friends of friends') Facebook posts and Instagram stories.