Monica Lira

CMO at Hoxell, Excellence in Hospitality

Monica LiraMonica has joined Hoxell as strategic marketing consultant two years ago. Before taking this role, she spent 15 years in the hospitality industry and she worked in different industries: Tourism, Wellness, Finance and ICT, covering different roles and managing international teams. She also collaborates with venture capital funds as Ad-interim Manager to lift up PMIs and early stage companies. She fosters the implementation of technology as a driver of change, she’s an expert in corporate strategy and innovation. She is member of the Educational Committee of 100Women in Finance and she actively supports non-for-profit initiatives globally that aim to promote corporate culture and leadership.
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Why We Cannot Help Calling Ourselves Revenue Managers: Rethinking RM In A Hyper-Personalized Market

BENEDETTO CROCE AND REVENUE MANAGEMENT"Why We Cannot Help Calling Ourselves Christians" is a brilliant essay by Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce. The piece illustrates the Christian roots of European culture, and how it affects all of us, both believers and agnostics.