Alexander Galarraga

Lead Strategist at Booking Success

Alexander GalarragaAlexander Galarraga is an experienced communications and marketing strategist, marketing automation specialist and data analyst with a strong track record in the hospitality industry. He is Lead Strategist at Booking Success, a Caribbean-based company that helps independent hotels increase occupancy rates and reduce OTA commissions. He enjoys helping hoteliers get back control of their bookings, achieve brand success, and create high occupancy rates year-round. Over the years, Alexander has successfully worked with many hoteliers, supplying support for a wide selection of hotels and resorts, all with different requirements and expectations.
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COVID-19 Guidelines: How Caribbean Hotels Should Adjust Their Marketing

What a week this has been! We are dealing with an international health crisis which has had a major impact on the Caribbean hospitality industry. The good news is that no crisis lasts forever and the.