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Chief Marketing Officer

Bogdan Romashko10+ years of online marketing experience 10+ years of SEO experience 8+ years of web development experience Tech-savvy Business Development professional Passionate about technology with a high emphasis on SaaS

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How can the hotel industry recover after COVID-19?

Not a day goes by that we hear information on coronavirus and its negative impact on travel and hospitality businesses. Yet, the hotel industry had to deal with different crises and viruses earlier. For example, the SARS virus impacted the industry drastically in 2003.

Remote hotel management. Full operations control with cloud technology and innovative solutions

Today, we see an emphasis on remoteness when giant companies and small startups encourage workers to stay home due to coronavirus. However, the trend for working remotely is not new, it just found a renewed sound.

How To Increase Hotel Revenue?

The hospitality industry has undergone a period of immense growth over the past ten years, reaching over $500 billion in revenues (according to